“At the Heart of the Community…..and the Community at the Heart of All We Do.”

Anyone over 16 years of age is welcome to apply for membership. We welcome, and expect members to be prepared to provide, practical support to the Enterprise and its charitable objectives, and to uphold its values of inclusion, ethical conduct, fairness to all and respect.

Member applications must be approved by a Trustee.

Once approved as a member, you will be able to attend and vote at Annual General Meetings or other meetings called by the Trustees to further the Enterprise and provide sound governance. The Trustees will, from time to time, request volunteer support from Members to support working groups or community activities.

Memberships will commence on the date accepted, and you can terminate it at any time. Otherwise, we are happy that your membership will continue uninterrupted.

Please download the attached Application Form and hand in to Townhead Community Sports Hub weekdays from 7pm-10pm.

Download Membership Form

The Trustees reserve the right to refuse or revoke memberships on any reasonable grounds in the best interests of CJCE and this decision is final. Also, to vary the number of Members it accepts to maintain a balance between good governance and maintaining an effective communication with, and contribution from, its members.