Thanmulti-foot-programmeks to funding from the Coalfields Regeneration Trust local schools will soon be able to experience our Multi Foot Programme. The programme is aimed at Primary 6 and 7 pupils in local schools and aims to encourage them to engage with sport through fun team games. The idea behind the project is to appeal to those children who are passionate about football and those who perhaps are not. The project uses football in a loose format to capture a wider audience with a focus on physical literacy and a fun enjoyable experience in sport. Developed by our sports development team the programme allows children to take part in various games which have been given a football twist.




Nock Ball
A rounder’s style game where players must kick the ball and runaround the bases.

Foot Golf
A golf game where players must navigate past the obstacles in the least amount of shots.

Net FootBall
Based on netball players aim to work the ball into the end zone and flick the ball into the net.

Stump Ball
A cricket style game where players aim to make “runs” by kicking the ball and avoiding the fielding team.

From our experience delivering football in the community it was clear that often some children became disengaged when the sessions would turn competitive so these games are designed to encourage team work and allow players of mixed ability to compete with each other.